The Farm

Harnham Hall farm is run as a single unit alongside Throphill farm, which is situated just a short drive away. Together the farms are home to over 400 commercial Limousin and Aberdeen Angus cattle as well as a small herd of pedigree registered Charolais cows.

On your approach to Harnham Hall you will see these impressive white cattle grazing the banks surrounding the hill. Charolais cattle originate from the old French province of Charolles and are now one of the most important breeds in the UK, renowned for their growth rates and size.

Environmental Stewardship

We believe strongly that farming should work with conservation rather than against. Our farms are in environmental stewardship schemes which aim to help improve wildlife habitat, the availability of wild bird feed, reduce the use of artificial fertiliser and improve soil structure and quality.

In the last ten years we have planted new woods, hedges and wildlife corridors, reinstated ponds and put up nest boxes for for barn owls.